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What are your plans for the weekend? ⛄

We heard from a reader who says she loves our links about things to do and places to eat.  What would you like to read about in our newsletter?  We like to keep it close to home - check out the feature on A Winter Trip to Amherst Island.


What is your morning routine? 🏃

For us, winter is all about comfort food.  We are so excited that Beachside BBQ is opening in Bath.  Can't wait to try some smoky, Mexican goodness!  A few weeks ago, we were invited to The Secret Garden Inn for a fondue dinner.  It was so delicious.  Now we want to try the sauna and fondue combo.


Have you tried any new restaurants yet? 🍴

If the dark days of winter are bringing you down, treat yourself to a nice night out. Check out our link to 9 new Kingston restaurants. We can't wait to try Heist. Which ones have you visited?


New Year's Resolutions for your 🏠?

How have the first few days of 2023 been for you?  Lynn's off like a shot - Dry January and daily yoga.  Lorna's been fighting a cold - NyQuil shooters and a Yellowstone marathon. Don't miss Lorna's video rant - she didn't even brush her hair!

Have you made any resolutions?  Check out our blog about resolutions for your home.  Is this the year that you actually declutter?


What are your hopes for 2023? 🎆

Each year, we write a letter to ourselves on New Year's Day - with our goals and hopes for the coming year.  

We have learned that every year brings surprises and challenges but, also, opportunities and great times.  What are your hopes for 2023?