Can I take photos or videos at a home showing?

I want to buy a house, but may I record a video or take pictures of it?

The short answer is no, unless you have received the homeowner’s consent, either personally or through their agent.

It can be tempting to snap photos and videos while looking for a home in this day and age when everyone carries a cell phone camera in their pocket. If you have toured a lot of houses and want to keep note of which features were present in which residence, this might be extremely useful.

Additionally, if you come across a house you really like, you might want to show pictures or videos of it to your family and friends to get a second or third view. You might also want to take pictures of any places you want to remodel so you can show them to a contractor.

In any case, We strongly advise you to contact your agent. They frequently have access to a wealth of images of listed properties, and some may even offer in-depth video tours, which are more and more popular since the pandemic started.

Ask your agent to speak with the seller first if there is anything you want to take a photo or video of.

If you have permission to take some photos and if there are any restrictions you need to be aware of, the listing agent will let you know. For instance, the homeowner might not want any pictures or videos of the bedrooms where their kids sleep or of specific fixtures and furnishings in the house shot.

Here are some extra factors for you to think about:

  • Remember that a property is someone else’s home when you go to see it. Be cautious and considerate of their residence and privacy.
  • Avoid capturing the homeowners’ personal or identifying information. This includes items like framed family portraits and certificates set up on tables and walls.
  • Do not take photos or videos of any personal items or the contents of cabinets and drawers.
  • If you are granted permission to take pictures, please keep in mind that they are solely for your personal use and shouldn’t be posted on social media or any other public platforms.
    To put things in perspective, if you are the one selling a house, we advise you to express any preferences or privacy concerns regarding purchasers taking photos or videos to your agent in a straightforward and concise manner. The agent will be able to follow your directions by including them in writing in all listings and marketing materials for the house and by notifying potential buyers’ agents in advance of open houses and scheduled visits.

    When getting your house ready for showings, you can also take preventative safety steps. We advise storing valuables like cash and jewelry in a safe or secured cabinet, as well as any documents containing private information such as passports, bills, investment documents, tax returns, and medical data. You will lessen your risk by taking these measures, even if prospective buyers are typically advised not to record any personal information even if allowed to take photos and an agent must be present during showings (unless you give special instructions that they are not required).

    Source: RECO

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