Competitive Market

It’s a competitive market out there!

This week 197 homes were listed, 97 sold, and the average price was $618,763.

So we’ve talked about this before.

The big story is many homes under $500,000 are still going in multiple offers. And that’s because they’re in that sweet spot where first-time buyers can afford them.

We had one this week that got three great offers, and I talked to a buyer who said, “I’m not interested in competing.”

And I think it’s because she’s starred from the last two years of the crazy 20 offers and $100,000 over asking.

Well, it’s not pretty crazy right now, but if you are looking for a home under $500,000, you must be ready to compete.

We can give you a strategy on how to do that effectively. Contact us.

Watch the market update here

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