Kingston Market Update November 10, 2022

This week’s market update is brought to you by the number 30. What does 30 have to do with it?

The October numbers are in and compared with the pre-pandemic market 2019, the number of new listings is down by 30%. The number of homes that sold is down by 30%. The number of listings sold in the month was 30% of the available listings.

How do you as a seller become part of the 30%? You have to make sure that your home is well-prepared, you’ve done all of the repairs, you’ve presented it well, gotten rid of the clutter, maybe a fresh coat of paint, and you make sure that your home is priced well. Buyers right now, they’re savvy and they know the value of a home.

Interestingly, in October homes sold for about on average 97% of the list price. That means that the homes that were successfully sold were priced at or just slightly above the market level.

If you have any questions about how to sell your home successfully in this market, contact us.

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