Kingston Market Update November 17, 2022

I got an interesting question this week from a buyer and what they were asking was… Is winter a good time to buy a home? And my answer is yes, for a number of reasons.

First of all, you’ve got less competition. A lot of families want to move in the summer because the kids will start school in September. So less competition means you’ve got a better chance to get a home and get a good deal.

The other thing is that sellers in the winter are serious sellers. They have a compelling reason to sell their home. They’re not just testing the market. So again, you are going to be dealing with a seller who is open to negotiation and wants to get a good offer for their home.

And the third thing is winter is a really good time to kick the tires on a house. Your biggest cost to operate your home is gonna be heating. So don’t you wanna be doing your home inspection when the furnace is running and you can check the home for drafts and make sure that it’s in good shape?

So is winter a good time to buy a home? Absolutely. If you’re ready to go out looking, contact us.

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