Market Update: Ready to Be a Landlord?

I’m just looking at all the new listings on the market right now, and in the last seven days, there have been over 105 of them. That’s not a surprise. A lot of sellers would’ve taken their house off the market over the holidays, and they’re putting it back on.

Now, what is interesting is I’m noticing a higher number of condos that are for sale. That makes sense. Moving in and out of a condo in the winter is easier than a house in the country. Builders are releasing some inventory now, so new builds that are done or will be finished in the next couple of months are on the market.

So, if you’re thinking about a spring move, then maybe the new builds are a place to look. The other thing I’m seeing is many investment properties hitting the market.

So I talked to a lot of people, and I showed one of them today: people who are thinking about becoming a landlord and putting their money into real estate, taking equity out of their own home, and buying that second place to create an income property.

Some interesting ones are on the market right now at pretty decent prices. If this is you, if you’re thinking about becoming a landlord, contact us and let’s talk about everything that entails.

Watch the market update here

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