Market Update: Title Insurance

market update from the best Kingston real estate agents

I learned something interesting this week.

When you bought your home

If it was after 1998, you probably bought title insurance, and we’re going to write a blog soon about all the things that title insurance covers.

But if you bought ten years ago for $250,000 or $300,000, that’s all your title insurance covers, but you can buy more, and the general cost is a dollar for every thousand dollars of value.

It could cost you $200 to buy another $200,000 worth of title insurance on your home. Something to think about is contacting your lawyer who helped buy your house, who can give you advice.

But it covers things like that in Toronto where there was a fraud, a home sold fraudulently, and the poor people that bought it.

Where will they be? Well, their title insurance will cover it.

So something to think about. Contact us! Let’s talk.

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