Market Update: Trigger Alert

Wherever we go, we have conversations about how tough it is right now for first-time buyers to get into the market, and it’s only for some, but here’s a potential solution.

Everything old is new again, and what we’re seeing is multi-generations living under the same roof.

Whether it’s you and your parents, maybe you and your grandparents. 28% of first-time buyers are opting for multi-gen living.

And why?

Well, there’s a couple of benefits. One is the cost-sharing for the mortgage. The bills really help if you are feeling a financial pinch to get your first home.

And the other is you can get more home. You can get a bigger space, a nicer property. If you’re sharing that cost with mom and dad or grandma and grandpa, it’s not easy because you’ve got more people with more needs.

Finding a house is a little trickier, but that’s where we come in. If this is something that’s interesting to you, contact us and let’s have a family meeting and get you started.

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