Selling Your Home 6 – Marketing Your Home

How will your REALTOR® get as many eyes as possible on your home?

You might think that, in a Seller’s market, the homes virtually sell themselves. Not so much…

The old-style approach of “put up the sign and wait for the offers” just doesn’t work. Over 93% of buyers start their home search online. That means that your Realtor needs to have a multi-point marketing strategy so that your home is seen by as many buyers as possible.

When we develop a marketing plan for a listing, we start by asking ourselves “who is the likely buyer for this home”? We create an “avatar” and then put together a strategy to reach those buyers. This includes a mix of traditional and digital marketing:

1. For Sale Sign – despite the leaps in technology, the for sale sign continues to be an effective way to advertise.
2. MLS® – only realtors can list on the MLS®.
3. Realtor network
4. Professional photos
5. Video Home Tours and 3D Tours
6. Digital advertising on social media and search engines
7. Property webpages
8. Open houses

Before choosing a realtor, look at their website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google them. Ask your realtor how they will market your home to get it in front of the highest number of qualified buyers and attract the best offer.

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