Dear buyers…

I wanted to talk about the importance of having your financing in place before you start looking at properties. The reason? I have an example for you…

I took a buyer out to a property that I knew she was going to absolutely love. It was perfect for her needs and she fell in love with it. She said, “I’ve got to get my loan in place. I’ll be back to make an offer.” The *next day* we received an email from the selling realtor saying, “I’ve got an offer in my hands. The irrevocable is four hours from now. If you want to make an offer, do it now.” And unfortunately, her finances weren’t in place.

So before you start looking at properties, go shop around with mortgage brokers, talk to your lender, get your pre-approval done, get your finances in place, and then go out and find that perfect property for yourself.

Need some help finding a lender? Reach out and we can send you contact info for a few local mortgage brokers that our clients have used in the past for you to shop around.

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