‘Tis The Season To Declutter – Fa La La La La

It’s that time of year again! The holiday season is upon us. If you’re like me, you are pulling out the Christmas decorations.

I love decorating the tree with ornaments that have been in my family for decades. However, there are always those boxes that get dragged down from the attic full of decorations that I never use. Let’s take a few minutes to think about how to declutter as we decorate for Christmas.

Keep – Give – Donate – Trash
Let’s start by pulling out all of the decorations that you have stored in the attic. Do you really love the ceramic village that your mother-in-law re-gifted to you in 1992? Perhaps it’s time to give it a new home.

As you unpack your decorations, make four piles. The first is favourite or sentimental items. This is your “keep” pile.

The second are ornaments that aren’t your favourite but would be cherished by a friend or family member. This is your “give” pile.

Look at what is left. If it is in good repair, put it on the “donate” pile – one person’s trash is another’s treasure.

If an ornament or string of lights is broken, just bite the bullet and send it to the trash. Seriously, you are never going to haul out the glue gun to re-affix Rudolph’s nose!

The Keep Pile is Too Big
Watching Hallmark Movies and eating fruitcake makes us all a little sentimental. I’m betting that your “keep” pile is still pretty big. Here are a few tips to make the pile a bit smaller.
1. Does it bring you joy? Even Marie Kondo has a few holiday decorations!

2. Did you display it last year? If not, maybe it’s time to give it away.

3. But Johnny made this cotton ball snowman and Susie’s handprint is on this one. Johnny is 40 and Susie lives in Vancouver. Maybe it’s time to let those childhood masterpieces
find a new home. Give each “child” a beautifully decorated box, filled with their handmade ornaments, and start new traditions with their families.

4. One less bin… Did you bring 5 bins of decorations down from the attic? Set a goal to reduce that down to 4 bins. Then decide, is grandma’s ceramic Christmas tree “bin-worthy”. Hint – yes it is, I love those trees! Do you know what they sell for on MaxSold?

Don’t Forget the Wrapping Supplies
Before you head out to Costco and the Dollar Store, go through the same process with your gift wrapping supplies. Every year, I load up on paper, tags, and tape, totally forgetting that I bought all of it last Boxing Day. Better still, invest in reusable bags that are better for the environment and the budget.

Enjoy the Lighter, Brighter You
The tree is decorated. The stockings are hung. You’ve just put a generous glug of Bailey’s in your hot chocolate. Now, it’s time to enjoy the holidays knowing that “de-Christmasing” will be a little bit easier in the new year.

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