When should a seller use a home stager?

The housing market is undergoing significant change. The period when you hardly had enough time to stake a for sale sign into the front lawn is long gone. Homebuyer demand and price rise have been slowed by rising interest rates and recession concerns. This gives prospective homeowners more time to go through listings and a wider range of selections.

Home staging is particularly crucial in this competitive market, where sellers must raise their game to attract buyers. So when exactly should a house seller find a professional home stager?

1. If the seller already has a regular job

Your client probably already has a regular job, a social life, and possibly a family. Do they actually have the time to prepare their home for sale and stage it? Depending on the state of the house, this could take a few days to a few weeks. The simplicity of finding a reliable staging firm is typically worthwhile for the time-pressed home seller. When done correctly, it results in a quicker sale, frequently at a higher price.

2. If the house has been listed but has received little attention

The perfect home at the right price will sell regardless of market peaks and dips, as all real estate agents are aware. There is always someone who wants to buy. The goal of house staging is to show potential homebuyers the ideal residence for their needs. There is no cause for a home should stay on the market for an extended period of time when matched with the ideal representative who comprehends the industry. If you make a good initial impression, the house is likely to be sold barring any big unforeseen circumstances.

3. If the environment feels stale

Although it may seem merely superficial, purchasers may decide against a sale if the furniture is outdated and worn out. Unbelievably, the incorrect decor can make a property appear small, dark, unorganized, and uncared for, which rarely bodes well when an offer is being considered. The home’s trouble areas will be identified during the staging process, and affordable, practical solutions will be provided. Staging typically includes painting, clearing, removing unwanted furniture and accessories, and renting some new furnishings, assuming the homeowner isn’t intending to perform a full-scale restoration.

This helps the buyer remember the house better. Most homeowners find it difficult to examine their properties objectively, especially after a long period of occupancy. A stager can offer an unbiased viewpoint and expert advice. Rental fees, supplies, and the stager’s fee are generally low-cost investments that allow the seller to present the house in a new and contemporary way.

4. If it’s not evident for whom you’re staging

We briefly discussed the concept of the “perfect home,” but for whom is it ideal? There are numerous ways to style and present a property. Working with a listing agent to determine the ideal buyer for the neighborhood and type of house is a step in the staging process. While the normal individual may find this difficult, a skilled agent already has a very excellent understanding of the possible buyer. A family, a young urban professional, or a couple with empty-nesters could be there. Each sort of buyer, as you might expect, has distinct desires, requirements,, and aspirations for their upcoming residence.

5. If the seller feels overwhelmed

Selling a house is never a simple procedure. More so if it is a family home where there are attachments and feelings at play. There are many things to consider, including finances and house searching (if they plan to move elsewhere). Staging might occasionally take a back place. Why is this straightforward step so frequently ignored when home staging can have such a big influence on the offer table? By hiring a home stager, you can make sure your house is spotless, orderly, clutter-free, and ready for both the listing and the subsequent showings.

Many of the questions that arise while transforming your old home into someone else’s new home can be answered with the expertise of professional home staging. The seller is not the focus of this process. Attracting as many customers as you can while concentrating on a certain kind of buyer who will sign on the dotted line given the appropriate opportunity is ultimately the goal.

Source: Real Estate Magazine

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