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About the major Frontenac Islands

We have included the larger Frontenac Islands that are accessible by public ferry.

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Frontenac Islands

Howe, Simcoe, and Wolfe Islands are all in Frontenac Islands Township on the St. Lawrence River, part of Frontenac County. The township’s mayor is Denis Doyle, and council consists of the mayor, deputy mayor, 1 councillor representing Howe Island, and 2 representing Wolfe Island.

Howe Island

Howe Island is 31 km 2 and 13 km long and is the fourth largest of the Thousand Islands. The population in 2011 was 602, expanding in the summer months.  

There are no schools or retail stores on Howe Island, but it is connected by 2 ferries, one on either end. 


Howe Island’s cable ferries are $8 (return single car visitor fare): 

  • The Howe Islander on the west end goes to the mainland east of Kingston (15 cars) and runs 24 hours a day. 
  • The ferry on the east end of Howe Island goes to the mainland west of Gananoque side (3 cars) and runs 6:30 AM to midnight.


Simcoe Island

Simcoe Island is 6 km long and 1.5 km at its widest point. The population in 2017 was 82. It is accessible by on-demand cable ferry from Wolfe Island. 

Wolfe Island

Wolfe Island is is 124 km2 and 29 km long, and is the largest of the Thousand Islands. The population is 1400, doubling or tripling in the summer months. 


  • Wolfe Island Ferry from downtown Kingston, nearly hourly from 5:30 AM (island side) with the last ferry leaving the mainland at 2:00 AM. This is a free ferry. There is shuttle bus service from Marysville to this ferry in the summer months.
  • Horne’s Ferry between Wolfe Island and Cape Vincent, NY, USA. Fare is $18.


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